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This is a website devoted to all kinds of neat pictures, designs, circuits, ideas and suggestions. Much of the info found on this site are my tutorials, How to's, opinions and suggestions. Although some of the topics and circuits may seem simple and basic, it is primarily for the newcomers and beginners in electronics and other hot topics.

All circuits and ideas are of my own design or a variance of others and are copyright by myself and not to be copied, sold or used commercially without my express written or email consent. However I encourage anyone to reference the pages on this site.

                1) Audio Circuits:
                        Audio switching ideas
                        Audio tools, suggestions and info.  
                        The Magic Cable  
                        Audio ducking techniques  
                        Audio Wire  

                2) Digital Logic Circuits:

                3) Product Recommendations:
(I have no financial interest in any of these companies or products)
                        Excellent Earphones
                        Super quiet computer fan
                        Amateur Radio QRP Rig

                4) Personal & non-technical pages:
                        Animals, Insects, Flowers, and Weeds 10/20
                        My sound studio
                        My recording studio
                        Sourdough bread

                5) Rants
                        What's all the fuss about CFL's

                6) How to's:
                        How to rip LP's into a CD
                        How to change the Mountain Topper QRP power connector as of Jan 2020
                        How to make good podcasts 
                        How to program the Baofeng portable radio as of Oct 25 2015
                        The Baofeng Antenna Dilemma as of Jan 8 2018
                        How to make your own guitar effects pedal updated Jan 2015
                        How to modify your Bose 802 to Speakon connectors
                        How to make quality printed circuit boards
                        How to make Kodalith films as of May 2014
                        How to light your first LED
                        How to test transistors and diodes
                        How to build your own "foxhound" circuit tracer
                        How to make real shiny ammunition brass  as of Jan 2014
                        How to rebuild Zama small engine carburetors updated Oct 2014
                        How to Re-purpose your old Smartphone as of Sep 28 2015
                        Hacking the Household LED lightbulb as of Oct 3 2015
                        How to convert 223 brass to 300AAC Blackout as of Nov 3, 2013

                7) My personal opinions and thoughts:
                        a. (coming soon)

                8) Engineering techie stuff:
Detailing the K1FM Magnetic Loop Antenna Updated Nov 2019

                        So you want to run packet radio updated Mar 2019
                        Guitar Pickup Schematics Lowdown added Nov 2019
                        Electronics In Guitars Demystified added Jan 2020
                        What's the Best Radio for when the SHTF added Dec 2017
                        Using a Packet Bulletin Board updated Mar 2015
                        Arduino Exposed updated Mar 2015
                        LED vs Kerosene  
                        Dangers of alkaline batteries
                        Bluetooth to PA Interface  
                        Understanding Switch Mode Power Supplies updated May 2014
                        Repairing a Kepco power supply 
                        Ensoniq ESQ1 hacker page
                        Selecting Meter Resistors
                        Level Shifting or Level Converters
                        Dangers of 9 volt alkalines
                        Determine your 12 volt car battery life
                        Repurposing an old chassis  updated Jul 2014
                        Understanding Single Line PTT
                        Understanding SWR Meters11/20
                        Heating and Cooling control wiring
                        RS232 interfacing
                        Making a good Geiger Counter better
                        Very Basic tutorial about Opamps
                        Printed circuit board design checklist
                        Schematic design checklist
                        Component identification in schematics
                        Transistor pinouts
                        Protection of logic and power supplies
                        Solar energy page
                        My genset
                        Capacitance tolerance calculator (XL spreadsheet) 
                        Saving my Central Boiler woodstove
                        Proper power supply bypassing of IC's
                        Why is my regulator heating up?
                        Who Still Uses Tubes?
                        Is the PA70 a good HF linear amp?
                        Aviom Hack Updated Feb 11, 2016

                9) Off-site links and referrals:

                10) Websites I maintain

                        Virtual Valley
                        Midway Electronics This is my brick and mortar store in Middletown, Virginia.


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